Mai's Pies & Cookies Too !

Harold¬†Central ūüėČ

In July 2009, Harold had double bypass surgery and afterwards was closely monitoring his cholesterol and trans-fat intake.  My dear friend, Erika, asked me if I could make a no-cholesterol, no trans-fat chocolate chip cookie.  Erika had always baked chocolate chip cookies for her father (Harold).    And he had always enjoyed having one with his cup of coffee, everyday in the afternoon, as his special treat for himself.

However, after surgery and doctor's orders, he was not allowed to have a cookie consisting of butter and eggs so Erika had to stop baking him regular chocolate chip cookies.  (And her's are delicious too!)

In the meantime, Harold was trying to enjoy the vegan chocolate chip cookies at a particular
coffee shop (I won’t name names!), but wondered if that was the best he was
going to find.

After research and many test batches (thanks Brent for being my guinea pig!), I came up with a recipe
that I loved and Harold’s Gourmet Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies were born!

Erika has a standing order for them every month so that her father always has a fresh supply.
Harold says that this IS the best chocolate chip cookie...period!

So, if you need to watch your cholesterol intake, order a batch of Harold's Gourmet Vegan
Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised of how scrumptious they truly are!

Thank you Harold and Erika for allowing me to post this special story.

Sincerely, Mai